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Jan. 28th, 2014

Sometimes we can't open our favorite websites. It may be caused by restrictions bound with the internet provider. One of the possible ways to evade that block is using the proxy-server.


FIC: The Winding Roads They Led Me Here

Title: The Winding Roads They Led Me Here
Fandom: The Bletchley Circle
Characters and/or pairings: unrequited Millie/Susan
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,338
Contains: mild angst
Disclaimer: The Bletchley Circle is an excellent series that is sadly not written by me.
A/N: At some point I swear I will write fluffy Bletchley Park shenanigans for these two, but apparently not today.

Millie sees the world.Collapse )

The Bletchley Circle

Has anyone been watching The Bletchley Circle? Someone please say yes and come have capslock-filled conversations with me in the comments? Pretty please? Because it is a really fantastic show, combining so many of my favourite things: detectives! who are (were) also codebreakers! lovely fifties costumes! women being awesome! The finale gave us an honest-to-god supervillain trap with strings and springs and grenades. It was glorious. Also, I kind of ship Millie with everyone. Oops?
Fair warning: you're getting a rambling series of thoughts about Richard II because my family are thoroughly bored of my attempts to engage them in conversation on the subject. And thus, I turn to LJ.

How do I ShakespeareCollapse )
Dammit, Marvel, I don't need to accrue vast amounts of Loki feelings right now. I had so nearly decided not to take the Norse papers next year, but now I think I might have to, because how great is Loki? I mean, yeah, he's awful and obnoxious and there's that bit where the end of the world is kind of all his fault, but he's also a shape-shifter who happily uses 'female' magic, has a procreative approach to problem solving, and a tendency to do things for kicks. And I love him.

So, in light of the above, I didn't exactly need Thor to go do a fantastic job of making him complicated and messed up and the sort of character where my standard response to anything he does is, 'Oh, you little shit! How are you so awful? ... C'mere and let me give you a hug.'


While my internet was broken, I managed so much excellent reading. So much. I have fallen absolutely for the Mosca Mye books and I do not care what anyone says, I will always like well-written adventure stories with female protagonists and understated social commentary, whether they're found in the children's section or no. Mosca is so great. 

And I finally, finally got round to reading Ink and Steel, which I've been meaning to read for going on about a year now. I didn't know I wanted historical fiction with Shakespeare and Marlowe and Morgan le Fay to exist, but it does and it's incredibly good and ow, my heart. Also, the author knows how to use thee/thy/thou etc and has characters tell others not to thee them because up yours, which makes me so happy. Also, messing about with folk tales and mythology and the power of stories, all of which I eat up with a spoon. 


I wonder how quickly my family would disown me if I joined the Historical Maritime Society? Because I have always, always wanted to try historical re-enactment, and also ships! Or boats, at least.
In the course of about twenty minutes, the weather has gone: lovely sunshine -> rampaging blizzard -> lovely sunshine -> driving rain - >a bit drizzly and grey. So I think I might postpone my walk for another day and instead go sit in the café that overlooks the harbour and try to salvage from memory the fic I was writing, a tragic victim of my laptop's 'restarting for your own good' thing.

Feb. 29th, 2012

Help. Why am I writing Hornblower and Maria's wedding night? I really, decidedly do not ship them, so why did this seem like a good idea? Oh yes, because in my head, TV!Hornblower is incredibly ace and no one else sees it, and so I must write meta thinly disguised as fic to work out my never-ending asexual frustration. That's why. 

(No but really. Does anyone else see him as being possibly ace? Not in the books, I grant, but possibly-maybe in the TV version? No?) 

Feb. 13th, 2012

If anyone would like to see some photos I've taken of Iceland, may I direct your attention to my imaginatively named new Tumblr, Photos of Iceland?


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