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Dammit, Marvel, I don't need to accrue vast amounts of Loki feelings right now. I had so nearly decided not to take the Norse papers next year, but now I think I might have to, because how great is Loki? I mean, yeah, he's awful and obnoxious and there's that bit where the end of the world is kind of all his fault, but he's also a shape-shifter who happily uses 'female' magic, has a procreative approach to problem solving, and a tendency to do things for kicks. And I love him.

So, in light of the above, I didn't exactly need Thor to go do a fantastic job of making him complicated and messed up and the sort of character where my standard response to anything he does is, 'Oh, you little shit! How are you so awful? ... C'mere and let me give you a hug.'